Wear Control

Wear Control

MSB Total Solutions offers an extensive range of cost-effective wear control methods for your machinery and equipment. We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date in the latest wear control methods and products, so you can be assured the job is completed to the highest standard with minimal downtime.

Our comprehensive list of equipment we can provide wear control solutions for, include and are not limited to:
  • Cyclones
  • Pipes including spools, cones and elbows
  • Trommels and screens
  • Mill backing (SAG and Ball Mills)
  • Hoppers, tanks and boxes
  • Launders and vessels
  • Tech Taylor valves
  • Distributors, reducers and chutes
  • Reverse spirals
  • Y-piece samplers
  • Lobster backs
  • Pump bowls

We offer a range of wear control methods to suit your needs:

Rubber Lining

We work will all densities and thicknesses, in either hot or cold bonding to increase the lifespan of your assets by preventing abrasion and impact resistance on-site or in-house.

Industrial Tiling

The MSB Total Solutions wear control team can recommend a tile that best suits your needs to ensure maximum protection. We supply and install a variety of tiles including:
  • Bisalloy Tiles and Plates in all grades
  • Ni-Hard
  • Ceramic
  • Rubber
  • Quarry

Trowelable Coatings

Ask us about using trowelable coatings in conjunction with other wear control methods, or as an alternative to rubber lining or industrial tiling when these methods are not suitable. We use both polyurethane and ceramic trowelable coatings, which are ideal methods for both patching and lining maintenance work.

Specialised Coatings

  • Polyurethane Lining - Polyurethane is an adaptable product that has exceptional abrasion resistance and a high load bearing capability. It is suitable for use in many applications and ideal when the material being handled has severe abrasive characteristics.
  • Belzona - Belzona is a global leader in the innovation of metal repair and rebuilding compounds, rubber repair and protection, corrosion protection and abrasion resistant linings. Their reputation for quality makes Belzona the choice for numerous applications within the mining industry. MSB now employs the largest percentage of Belzona certified applicators in NSW.
  • Wear Protect – Wear Protect is a new and advanced low-cost, two-hour cure for shutdown repairs. This super tough beaded wearing compound is an excellent solution for severe abrasion and quick repairs. It is easily applied and fast set for maximum protection of material handling equipment.

Pulley Lagging

MSB Total Solutions offers full pulley lagging services, that ensures adequate conveyor performance by eliminating or reducing belt slip, increasing both drive efficiency and water shedding capacity. We can provide the right pulley lagging service for you using:
  • Ceramic Rubber Composite
  • Diamond Strip Rubber
  • Full Ceramic Tiling
  • Cold Bonding Process
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